NewsWood kitchen: the most majestic of our handleless kitchens

Wood kitchen: the most majestic of our handleless kitchens

100% WOOD kitchens represent excellence in the world of design and craftsmanship, offering a unique blend of tradition, high-quality materials and innovation; in fact, they stand out for being a true praise to the matter. In particular to the solid chestnut wood, which emerges in this creation with a new, modern and sophisticated light, which at the same time gives an aura of authenticity and warmth. Discover them with us in the article dedicated to this cuisine.

the inimitable charm of the noble material: wood

Effeti’s design journey is imbued with an authentic passion for matter and its infinite potential. The choice of wood as the main material for the creation of the WOOD project reflects the attention to authenticity, durability and uniqueness.

The extraordinary skill in treating wood and the limited production give the WOOD 100% kitchen a rarity status. Each piece is shaped through an artisanal process that gives it an unrepeatable identity. At the simple touch, you can feel the natural warmth of the material, the energy of each grain, transforming into an intense emotion.

Fusion of Tradition and Industrial Innovation

What makes the WOOD 100% kitchen unique is the perfect fusion between the traditional culture of wood and the industrial dimension. Each component is handcrafted, giving life to a unique product that preserves the warmth and authenticity of the wood intact. The treatment of the wood makes it resistant and, at the same time, also contributes to an unparalleled aesthetic impact.


Features and beauty of the 100% WOOD handleless kitchen

The WOOD 100% model stands out for the following characteristics:

Handleless kitchen: the absence of handles gives a clean and minimalist look to the kitchen, while ensuring functionality and practicality in daily use.

Sturdiness and elegance: innovation and surprising linearity blend with the skilled craftsmanship, creating a robust and elegant product, capable of resisting and lasting over time.

Water resistance: the paints used on WOOD 100% constitute the top of the wood products, giving the surface a water resistance that guarantees its durability over time.

This designer kitchen is the perfect balance of tradition, craftsmanship and innovation. With attention to the origin of the wood, craftsmanship and sustainability, WOOD 100% is a work of art that celebrates the nobility and intrinsic beauty of wood. Find out how to get it now by contacting our specialized experts!


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